Our Pool Services

Welcome to Mullumbimby Pools – Your Premier Pool and Spa Destination in the Byron Shire. Explore our comprehensive range of services designed to meet all your aquatic needs, ensuring an extraordinary pool experience. Discover our offerings below and dive into a world where expertise meets excellence.

Pool Construction Services

Mullumbimby Pools specialises in constructing premium concrete swimming pools and spas. Our licensed specialists collaborate with your vision or architect, providing exceptional results from formwork to plumbing and filtration.

Pool Renovation Services

Revitalise your pool with Mullumbimby Pools' expert renovation services, including repairs, updates, and modern aesthetic overhauls. Explore our wide range of quality equipment for effortless updates.

Service & Maintenance

Trust Mullumbimby Pools for comprehensive maintenance services tailored for both residential and commercial properties. From routine checks to cleaning while you're away, we optimise your pool's performance.

Pool Supplies

Visit our Mullumbimby shop for all your pool and spa essentials. From chlorine and pool chemicals to spare parts and accessories, we offer a complete range. Experience convenience with direct deliveries to your property.

Pump & Chlorinator Services

Facing issues with your pool equipment? Trust Mullumbimby Pools for in-house troubleshooting and repairs. Receive clear and honest advice about costs and the best course of action.

Leak Detection Services

Concerned about water leaks? Mullumbimby Pools offers safe electronic leak detection across the Byron Shire. Contact us first to identify the exact location of the leak in your property.